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About Us

ARTLUBE was founded in 2010 as a Manufacturing - Standardization and Packing Company of Antifreeze, Liquid Brakes, Lubricants, and Chemical Protection of Automobiles & Motorcycles, aiming to wholesale them in Greece and abroad.

In 2014, we created the retail store on Liosia Street 294, aiming at the wholesale and retailing of branded Lubricants, Antifreezes, Chemicals and Spare Parts - Accessories of cars, motorcycles, boats, to the top brands with the best market price and the guarantee they offer our brand name!

In a short time, you have been trusted and supported by us throughout the years, in the retail and wholesale business. At the same time, our company continues to grow rapidly, winning the trust of professionals throughout Greece, since our clientele now counts over 250 companies in the industry and some of the top garages.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get to know and find the right lubricant or replacement you need and start working together!

Thank you for supporting us over the years and to be sure that every day of our operation, we aim to better serve you and create profitable cooperation and long-term trust.

Reasons to choose us:

  • because we are confident about the quality of our products,
  • for the alertness we display and the immediate service we offer you,
  • for quality products for all the requirements you will find on us,
  • because you make a profit for the professional and the employer, working with us,
  • because we offer Value for Money products, a high quality / price ratio.